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Where Would Dr. King Be If He Were Alive Today?

by on October 17, 2011

Dr. Boyce Watkins asks: “If Dr. King were alive today, would he be occupying Wall Street or hanging out at a dedication ceremony sponsored by BP and Walmart?” 


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  1. This is a wonderful cartoon. It reminds me of the time when Dr. King did not preach in person, but used a tape recorder because he thought it more important to try and calm a riot–But I forget where. More to the point, in the latter chapters of Where Do We Go From Here and in his Canadian lecture series the November before he was murdered, he expressed views even more radical than the OWS folks I wish he WERE here, because maybe they would listen to him. He would tell them to ORGANIZE in ways far deeper than just organizing demonstrations. He would tell them that the goal is REVOLUTION–of VALUES, yes, and non-violent, but a revolution that would destroy corporate power, re-create our government so it serves the “masses and not the classes,” dismantle our war-making industries, and study war no more. He would urge the crowd to put ending ALL our wars, universal health care, and a guaranteed annual income at the top of their list of demands.

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