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Julianne Malveaux: Don’t Paraphrase Dr. King, Just Change It!

by on September 6, 2011





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  1. I agree 100%! It’s absurd that the Honorable Dr. ML K’s words would be twisted, using the excuse of ‘running out of room.’ Considering the magnitude of such a monument, the location and MLK being the only Black in the line up, of course whatever words he spoke should be accurately engraved, accordingly. Not only is the ‘mis-quote’ unprofessional it’s also inconsiderate & immoral, to say the least. But doesn’t it say something about where the US is going? Remember the Florida vote debacle? How crazy was that? How about the real estate investor, Larry Silverstein who bought the world trade center buildings on July 24, 2001 less than 2 months before the 911 event? How timely was that, when you factor in the added insurance policies, the nature of those policies and how Larry Silverstein profited just over 4.5 billion with only a 14 million dollar investment, again in less than 2 months?!! Oh, and let’s not forget Halleburton one of the ‘war profiteers’ who billed the federal gov for 100′s of thousands of dollars (six thousand dollars monthly per vehicle) for ‘leasing 30 Ford Explorers’ that were virtually parked (immobile) in a sand lot next to the most expensive hotel in Iraq in 2004 for one year!

    My point is, we have to look at the overall timeline of events the US (gov) has been involved in across the board, especially since the Florida debacle in 2000, because, in my view, the dots can be connected as to why Dr. King’s quote was not given the moral consideration and ethical approach that it rightfully deserved. A mis-quote, as pointed out by the Honorable Dr. Maya Angelo can be misleading from what Dr. King actually was about, who he fought for and why the general white establishment hated him! Yes, it should be corrected, immediately! However, pursuant to the barrage of reckless behavior manifested over the past 11 years have we been led to believe that now everything is back to normal? Has normalcy ever been a trend in the USA, for Black ppl?


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