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Hispanics Now Surpass African Americans in College Enrollment

by on August 27, 2011


hispanic students, black students

Your Black World reports

Hispanics have now surpassed African Americans in college enrollment numbers, to become the second-largest minority group in American colleges and universities.  All this according to data from the Census Bureau.

There was a 24 percent one-year jump in the number of Hispanic college students aged 18 – 24, taking the total to 1.8 million.  The federal Current Population survey says there are now 7.7 million white college students, 1.7 million African Americans and 800,000 Asians.

African Americans still hold the lead over Hispanics in total college population, which includes students over the age of 24. 

Hispanics have shown strong improvement in their high school performance, graduating from high school at a rate of 73 percent in 2010.  This is an increase from 60 percent in 2000. 

“This is a growing population, but it’s more than that,” said Richard Fry, a senior research associate at Pew. “This is a growing population that is increasingly finishing high school and increasingly going to college. . . . There’s a good message here.”


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  1. Leroy Avery Jr permalink

    Do we black people need to be idiots to see that we need to change our direction. Obama wants amnesty for illegals, wants illegals to have drivers licenses, he wants illegals to go to our best colleges at no cost to them but the gov. but what does say about black people? nothing, give them welfare and they will take it, they are too lazy to see though me.

    • susang permalink

      I’m sorry, did I miss something in this article? I see where the article mentions Hispanics; I do not see the word “illegal” mentioned anywhere in the article. Bitter ignorance.

      • Bolo Camp permalink

        What is your point? Addressing the root causes of why African Americans who are legal and are not taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities should be our objective not whether someone is illegal or not. We should stop crying foul and take personal responsibility of our own misfortune that could easily be resolved. Remember education and excellence are the ultimate tools that will eradicate racism.

  2. Kathy permalink

    Why is it so important to break it down..I am proud to see anyone go to college and further their education. That is what is wrong with the world today. Always trying to figure out who is ahead of you, who has the most this and the least that..Makes me sick. If we kept less count of who does what we might be able to appreciate a human being for breathing and loving and respecting, etc…Get my drift.

    • Kofi permalink

      You’re right this should be a non-issue. For any Americans to increase their education and better themselves we should celebrate. Some would have us competing with other groups instead of following their example. We all can learn from each other.

  3. I can’t dismiss the excitement I feel to learn that there is a growing number of college bound Hispanic men and women. As mentioned earlier I’m more concerned about the mere fact the value of a solid higher learning education is being observed by our youth!! In case we have forgotten this small detail — black and Latino are both incumbents of one single demographic category = MINORITY. It would be to our advantage to join together in such an effort to encourage our communities to join forces and push our youth towards a more solid tomorrow!

  4. I don’t see the problem here

  5. It’s always good to better yourself whether through higher education or vocational skills training. However, when the devil is counting who’s ahead of who from a race based perspective one has to assess where is he going with this?? We must all be aware that Black ppl nor Hispanics control enough resources to provide jobs for all of their ppl, so Satan’s mission is to pit Blacks & Hispanics to compete against each other to work for him! In California it’s a known fact that Hispanics account for almost 70% of all of the jobs because it all fits into the devil’s plan.Did you know that the US’s original economy started from the enslavement of our ancestors? Did you know that the US economy began under the name: Plantation Economy? Their idea or plan is to nurture Hispanics through education and economics to position them to be the “new Plantation Economy.” It’s a reality in Calif. at this very moment. Our problem is we don’t have the resources that we desperately need to provide for ourselves, especially our children. This system has an overwhelming fear for Black ppl and this is another reason why they’ve allowed Hispanics and others to come here because they know as long as they provide others with the resources to make and raise families the Pan African population will continue to spiral downward. So we have to always question everything Satan does because he’s got a strong track record that says whatever he does there’s always some form of deception, trickery and corruption involved. Do not allow him to deceive you into believing everything is normal when he’s controlling most of the world’s resources through “theft, lies, criminal behavior and global mass murder.”


    • Dr.Robert H. Miller permalink

      I think it’s clear to me what’s going on. This is the old slick trick of divide and conquer. Make the Hispanics think they are more educated , more accepted and more malleable therefore less likely to socialize and politicize with black people. If the white research can suggest that blacks are lazy and ignorant, what racial group would want to identify with them? Pit one minority group against another,stand back and watch them fight over petty resources while whites walk away with the lion share. Also,whites can see who becomes most “white”, Hispanics or educated blacks, forsake their culture to be used as a pawns by the white establishment.

    • Felecia permalink

      Thank you ‘Yourblackresources’ and ‘Dr.Robert H. Miller’, you both get it!!!! That’s 3 (me included), we have a long way to go and a very hard time getting there.
      I will not give the satisfaction of responding to any ignorant comments, if any, so save your key strokes for someone else. Thank you kindly.

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