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College Freshman Killed by Campus Police

by on August 8, 2011

everette howard, black college students, university of cincinnati

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World 

An 18-year old student at the University of Cincinnati was killed this weekend after being stunned by a police taser. Everette Howard, a student in a summer program preparing him for college, died after the attack.  Friends say that Howard was trying to break up a fight in front of a dorm when campus police arrived on the scene.

Witnesses also say that Howard collapsed after being hit with the taser. 

"The whole university is distraught," said UC Assistant Dean of Students Dawn Wilson. "I just wanted to be here to express my support to students and my condolences to his friends and family and the people who loved him."

Howard had a bright future ahead of him and appeared to be an emerging campus leader.  He was attending a UC summer program to help him succeed in college and his academic mentor claims that the young man stood out from the crowd.

"He was probably the most talented student as far as writing skills, oral, leadership; anytime I had trouble with the rest of the group he would help me out," said Ekundayo Igeleka.

"The world didn’t get to see who he really was, to fully develop into the man he could have been," Igeleka said.

The officer who stunned Howard has been put on paid administrative leave until further investigation.

When I first read about the death of Everette Howard, my brain sifted through the 20-years I’ve spent on various college campuses.  I thought about how campus police tend to respond differently to gatherings of black students than white ones.  The white kids have their own way of getting entirely out of control, with drugs and alcohol flowing with the power of the Mississippi river, but I almost never hear of any white student being killed by campus police.

I also think of my own experience as a black man on a college campus, like the night that I’d slept over in my graduate school office to prepare for an exam.  After seeing me there after hours, a police officer came into the office and questioned me.  A conversation that should have taken just two minutes ended as a 30-minute interrogation by a white man who somehow didn’t buy into the notion that a black man might be staying up all night to prepare for a Math test.

Finally, I think about the city of Cincinnati, which is one of the most racially-backward communities in America.  The city has a horrific record of killing black men and at one point, police had killed over seven black men without killing a single white male.  The city needs help in the racial justice department, and this incident is not going to help.

My thoughts also go to the other side of the equation, particularly when I read about Mr. Howard’s past.  Howard was also struck by an officer’s taser in a separate incident back in 2010.   In both cases, officers claimed that the young man didn’t appear to be in his right mind.  In fact, in the first incident, the officer said that Howard jumped from his chair and growled at police before being brought down.

We have to accept the possibility that Howard may have done something to lead to an aggressive response by police officers.  It’s not normal for any 18-year old to have been tased twice in two separate incidents.   Minds should be left open as the situation is investigated, for an officer with a taser is not likely looking to kill anyone.  

We are left disturbed, however, by the numerous situations in which law-abiding citizens are arrested or beaten by police for simply intervening in an incident or asking the police officer questions that they don’t feel compelled to answer.  Such incidents are a disturbing assault on American civil liberties.

College is a place to make all your dreams come true.  But it can also serve as an incubator for your worst nightmares.  No matter who is at fault in this incident (the police have a lot of explaining to do), the tragedy is that an 18-year old man with a very bright future is not going to live the life he’d planned. 

We’ve got to find a way to protect our kids on campus.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Syracuse University Professor and author of the book, “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About College.”  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 


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  1. Tyrone Thomas permalink

    Law enforcement continue to kill black people with outrage from the Black Community thru-out the country. Numbers are not available to highlighted this mass murdering of Black men and women, because not enougn of us are mad as hell, until it a member of family(close)/relative. Every leader wants to talk about black on black voilent as a issue, but looks like the Blue suit gets a free pass on MURDER, just as they have from the time the sheets came off for the uniform.

    • How long, LORD, how long? permalink

      I am a 60+ white woman who has lived in Cincinnati for 15 years. I totally agree with the above comment. When I moved here I was shocked at the racism and segregation here, especially since Cincinnati has a proud history of being an important crossroads on the Underground Railroad. I have seen corrupt and racist “law enforcement” here first hand on many occasions. I personally know of crimes against humanity including harassment, false imprisonment, uncalled for violence against young black men, intimidation, and murder by citizens as well as those who are supposed to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens. My heart is breaking for this young man and his family. I am praying that justice will prevail, that this officer, who is clearly incompetent, will be removed from his job and will be prosecuted for murder. I would like to see legislation written that the use of tasers, resulting in death of the victim, should be a felony.

      • Marie Williams permalink

        I agree something needs to be done about how our young Black Men are being killed
        Maybe it is pass time that taser be banned.

      • Thank you for your comment. It is really honest and heartfelt. I thank you for your honesty. Whereas many others would rather turn a blind eye on racism and segregation and deny it, you have not.

      • Cherri permalink

        Lol HELL when we go the F*** off on you B******* and KILL you ALL off>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      • I agree what will it take for the men in blue to prosecuted for abusive force on young black men……I know from experience that white officers get very intimidated by young black men who they feel our a threat to them and do not try to handle an incident with concern and passion because they live by this code of silence and know that they will not be prosecuted because they will say that it was justifiable so not true.

    • Cherri permalink

      I totally agree with your statement. We as a Black people need to stand against the uncovered KKK and let them know we are not going to sit back any longer and allow our future to be destroyed because of their ignorance of racism. Something has got to be done and the time is RIGHT now. Howard’s family need to contact the NAACP so they can conduct their investigation!!!! Leaving it up to the campus authorities to do a truthfully investigation is NOT going to happen. Why in the hell is that bastard on paid administrative leave??? That in itself should speak out loud that he will be back to do some more damage to our BLACK MEN of the future. They hate us so much because we are the chosen one’s and we are more educated and articulate, God-fearing, intelligent, witty, loving, caring and down right know that God is carrying us through (no matter what they try to do to us.) We CAN’T be stopped unless we allow them to stop us. We must continue to press on, “God is on our side.”

      • Wat+1 permalink

        LoL no.

      • daron permalink

        you right they are just that,,under cover K,K,K,,and now they hide in court room and been on police force to try and justify wrong they do to black people


    • D4H permalink

      You are so right, Sir. I’m here to tell you though, the sheets came off, but another face called ‘the Tea Party’ was put on. Different face, same agenda. Where is our fight? It looks like it was left back in the 60’s. A lot of us have become too comfortable in our current state and have forgotten that we still have a fight going on (not literally physical). We are educated now. We have degrees in many areas and are owners of our own businesses, but are still wrestling with issues some of thought were long gone. They were not gone, but hidden. Once we elected a black President, that was the last straw! Now we’re having trouble in the education department: a) teachers laid off, b) bigger classroom sizes, c) the changing content of the text books (in Texas for sure), the cutting away of extra curricular activity (mostly accademic-based, i.e. chess club, debate team, et al) and the list goes on. Time and time again, it has been shown that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you are of African desent, you will always be a n*****. Be blessed all!

      • Cherri permalink

        I agree with you on everything you wrote except “if you are of African desent, you will always be a n*****.” That is so not true. First of all I am a child of God!!!! And what most of society do not know is a n***** is NOT just of African desent. Any and ALL races have n******. So lets not get it twisted!!! Yes they have laid off teachers and made bigger classroom sizes so our Black children wont get their needs met. In addition, cutting extra curricular activities and much more and putting tax payers monies in prisons they build for “Blacks.” Wake up people!!! Don’t let them B******* destroy our future. Fight back by any means necessary!!! Believe me it is NOT hard to do!!!!!

  2. WOW, will this ever end?? It’s bad enough our young men are killing each other. But, the cops are doing it also, at an alarming rate. I pray for the young black males in this country. GOD bless them. So SAD!!

    • July 16 2011 Police in San Francisco shot and killed a 19yr old black man as he was running away. They shot him in the back over 5 times. They said he was shooting at them as he ran! that is so lame. The reason they were chasing him in the first place: He jumped off a city bus without paying his transfare!

      • MyOpinionMyOwn permalink

        it was later discovered that a bystander recorded a gun being picked up and pocketed by another bystander. So this particular young man did have a weapon and he shouldn’t have ran. Having a weapon and running is sure to make you a target.


  3. First we must get the name of the officer, his history prior to coming on board, and check his psychological profile. As I was in the military, I served with many men who enlisted instead of going to jail for racial and ethnic abuse. Some of these same people ended up in the military police force.

    Some even bragged how they would go in ethnic neighborhood and take shots at the guys (black). Some even were part of the neo nazi group proclaiming white supremacy. we as black folk/fathers must continually remind our sons of the dangers of confronting these little people with big authority. UNLIKE GOD, THE PRESIDENT SITS HIGH BUT HE CANNOT SEE LOW because he is entangled with too many other universal matters. So don’t blame the president, we must truly prepare our children to know when to go to battle and how.

    The greatest weapon we can give them is education not miseducation but education of the kind that would provoke them to think more and act less at particular times.

  4. This officers history is not the major issue at hand here, the issue is the status quo of this country in relation to people of non European ancestry. This case displays as many others have from across the nation the homocidal relationship that the armed wing of the European ruling class has with its non European subjects. This is not the first case when a domestic terrorist has used their stun gun to MURDER a subject of African decent, the only solution is REVOLUTION!!! working class, non european people have to take control of our lives or continue to be lied to about the justifications of the MURDER of our most precious resouce the HUMAN resource.

  5. Sharon permalink

    My mind is numb, my soul is exhausted from hearing reports like this one! I just keep repeating and repeating: Until this country deals with its cancerous disease called “racism,” it will continue to decline and there will be no justice and no peace! As one other commentator has said, some racists have simply traded their hoods and gowns for a policeman’s uniform and a license to kill!!

    Meanwhile, untold talent and potential is being wasted and destroyed. No one will ever know what this brilliant young man might have contributed to our community, society at large, and the world! That is the tragedy on top of the tragedy and its got to stop. If it does not, a greater conflict is inevitable. It’s just a matter of time.

    • Kunta permalink

      Your so right sista. “It’s just a matter of time”. One of their own once said, “No army can withstand an idea whose time has come”.

    • Udosed permalink

      “…country deals with its cancerous disease called “racism,” …” this is why this country elected obama as president. Most people of all races wanted to deal with racism straight up and get past it, but obama….well…As Ronald B. Saunders so eloquently stated in his post: “After a morally corrupt judge acquitted the officers that murdered Bell. Obama told Black America that they should STOP protesting and respect the verdict. It was the verbal equivalent of spitting in the face of EVERY African American who has PROTESTED, MARCHED,, and FOUGHT, for CIVIL and HUMAN RIGHTS.”

  6. All we do is talk. Those who control the world only understand force of arms. Humility is something they set aside for conquered people. The Word of God says faith without works is dead. You want to know why genocide has been declared against us? Those who control the resources of this world decided long ago we don’t deserve to live. As black men if we don’t rise up against this by any means necessary then they were right, we don’t deserve to live.

    Because our understanding has been darkened we no longer understand the difference between The word of God and “scripture”. trust me, there is a difference. The word scripture is Pauline in origin; read: All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. (2 Timothy 3:16-17). The is the foundational “scripture” that Europeans used to enslave Africans. Scripture wasn’t even a word in Jesus’ day. Jesus always said: It is written.
    Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4

    In His Service

    • Wat+1 permalink

      I’d like to see concrete evidence for your theory on black genocide.. are you an Afro-Centrist or something? There is racism in every culture and caste.. you can either deal with it or be passive about it, which is the easier road that many take. Just because your black doesn’t mean you’re the only poor people that are “oppressed” and that Whitey is to blame for all your failed attempts at getting your act together. Deal. With. It.

  7. Gary permalink

    “College Freshman Killed by Campus Police” reads the headline. Is that true? “College Fresh Dies After Being Tased” is the correct way to characterize this tragedy. The first headline is contrived and does not accurately reflect what occurred. It makes it appear as though the student was tased and then killed by the policeman. Not true. Not defending the conduct of the decedent or the officer but tell it like it is. There is enough bad news in the world and creating new facts to grab a readers attention is just not good journalism. Keep it 100%

  8. lovegod permalink

    African Americans when are you gone to come together and face the truth about this country. That America the great is root in slavery it were name (AMERICA ,I AM RACE this is what it means)
    A black president is not gone to change it God allow a black man to be seated in the white house to show you and the world just how it has been deceiving the whole world. The African America
    community is in such stated of crisis because they continue to follow the weakness and adopted these weak ways. God has given principal of decent , moral, respect , Some how the African America community thank that they can over throw these commandments. The African American
    community can not agree on nothing but drama.

  9. jabriel malik shaheed permalink

    iTS a genocide on the black race period, we as a people must unite and stick together ,and that can only happen through Islam the strict teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. to my brother bernell with all respect christianity is not the answer the solution fro the black family if you have study history one would know that the slave master used that as a tool to subdue an control our people which is still happening today there is some good in the bible but 95% of the bible is poison, it holds a butch of lies starting whom the bible was named after of KING james who was a homosexual and in the bible its states that same sex relationships are a abomination to god but the bible was named after him come lets be real here thats a total disrespect to god. ISLAM is the soloution.


  10. Rhett permalink

    So the officer gets a vacation for killing a man? That’s what “Paid Leave” is, a damn vacation! I wander if he was tased twice by the same officer or a friend of that officer.

    • Cherri permalink

      That is exactly what I said a paid vacation. When the whites kill our Black people they go on vacation so the Black society will calm down, so they think. When a Black person kill a white then they go straight to JAIL. Howard family PLEASE contact the NAACP. They will HELP!!! You don’t have to be a member but please join. The stronger the force the weaker the devil!!!!

      • Wat+1 permalink

        Why do you only capitalize Black and not White.. They’re both races aren’t they? Ohhh.. you’re trying to say that Whitey is inferior and is nothing but a White Devil, am I right? Ignorance sure must be bliss for you. How about the HUGE problem with Black America not being able to just fucking behave? Statistics show a lot. Quit blaming Whitey for everything! Gets old.

    • Cherri permalink

      I capitalize Black and not white because you all are not capital!!!!!!!!!! And they are not both races….Absolutely whites are inferior to Blacks that is one of many reasons you all are afraid of us..If it wasn’t true then there would not racism. You all hate us because of the color of our skin. Jesus was the same color. Do you know some of the information in the Bible??? Yes whites are white racist devils going straight to HELL!!!!!!!!!! You all can’t human beings that is not of your color.. Black America should start behaving and KILL you B****** OFF!!!!!!! And we don’t blame nobody. whites blame other races because you are ALL N******!!! Get the F****** stepping B******!!!!!!!! (lmao) ol

  11. E.C. from D.C. permalink

    LAWSUIT !!!

  12. Toni permalink

    We need this issue addressed right away, one day lost is another potential to lose another Black Man. We need to talk to the president, Attorny general, Do a mass Lawsuit against all the places where our Black Men have died unjustly.From police to courthouses, cities states. We need to fight back we need a leader and we need some back bone!!!! Who is going to protect us we we dont protect ourselves.

  13. imoutraged permalink

    This has got to stop and it must stop now. What is the Obama administration doing about this? He claims to have a task force to crack down on police brutality but it is not doing any good. Let’s get together and demand that this force prosecute these and other police for their murderous actions

  14. Milo permalink

    From the article:

    “We have to accept the possibility that Howard may have done something to lead to an aggressive response by police officers. It’s not normal for any 18-year old to have been tased twice in two separate incidents. Minds should be left open as the situation is investigated, for an officer with a taser is not likely looking to kill anyone.”

    Thank you for being even-handed with this incident; I wish the other posters here had your intelligence.

    • Cherri permalink

      We do not have to accept a D*** thing… That is why some Blacks are in the situations they are in (accepting.) Mr. Howard a Black young man with his entire life ahead of him was tased and killed by a white. If the tables were turned around do you think a Black man would be on paid vacation??? HELL NO!!!! The Howard family should contact the NAACP and if they are unable to get something done, then we Blacks need to start and finish the worst war this D*** country will ever see here on earth. I am so D*** tired of whites killing off my Black brothers and not a D*** thing being done. They get to go on vacation and relax. Come back refreshed and ready to do it all over again.. Stop the maddness and lets get them N*GG***!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. brian permalink

    I am very tired of the responses that we as black people give to obvious cases of racial genocide. Will we never act. Talk talk talk talk. Do we have any organazations to aggressively and tirelessly work on our behalf? We need to take action of some sort

    • permalink

      Because there is no known organization that acts independently and aggressively whenever something of this sort happens This brazen act will continue to occur unless such organization is put in place.

  16. Let’s use the internet to organize and offer legal and political support to those who are victoms of police violence. This has been going on for far too long. I’ll be the first one if anyone is interested. Write to me. Let’s start today.

  17. Any way my email address is

  18. Mitchell Hunter permalink

    You don’t taser someone it their heart to subdue them. It is a known method for murder. I could care less about race relations in America and I’m no longer willing to discuss things with people who obviously have an innate savage nature (that’s history speaking not me). I’ll just end with a quote from the greatest rapper to have lived and will ever live “Just think if niggaz decide to retaliate”? And yes America it is all a decision…..

  19. Milo and those who agree with him. Let’s not get it twisted. One would have to have lived under a rock all their lives not to notice that police act more agressivley towards African (Black People) than any other group in this country. Whatever comes out of this one incedewnt is still yet to be determined. However there is a much bigger issue here. Let’s stand up because the next person that may be hurt can be a member of your family. Also Milo raised the point that it is unusual for one person to be tazed twice. Not if you are young,musular and of course black. I was almost tazed myself for something that was so silly I am not even going to mention it.

    • Wat+1 permalink

      If a police officer went SINGLE HANDEDLY on statistics of violent crimes with and without deadly weapons, EVERY officer would have a preconceived notion about this INDIVIDUAL (who would happen to be Black in this situation) and yes it’s a shit situation for Black individuals, but there is no excuse for the numbers demonizing a large part of the Black community.

  20. Dee Hatch permalink

    Young black males has to be aware that their body language and facial expressions tend to scare these officers that are cowards in thier own… Most of them are guys who crave authority over blacks at the expense of a campus cop badge…they take these jobs with the hope of reliving thier ancestors past cowardly deeds imposed on Blacks.

    • Wat+1 permalink

      LoL that is a fucking hilarious statement, that these WHITEY cops are white devil slave masters who CRAVE AUTHORITY over BLACKS because they have a badge so they can FINALLY continue on with their white devil slave masterin ways? Get the fuck outta here Sambo. You’re logic is flawed.

  21. Milo permalink

    I think we know what group murders the vast majority of Black men. And it ain’t cops.

  22. Karen Gomberg permalink

    I am so sorry to read of the death of Everette Howard. This country and the world can ill afford to lose the talents and dream-works of wonxerful, young people. Sadly, this keeps happening and disproportionatel to young people of color. when you combine loss due to prison incarceration with loss due to early death, loss due to poverty, inadequate education, etc. the figures are truly overwhelming. But speaking of the immediate loss of this one young man, no one will ever know what a beautiful influence he might have had on the world, on all of us. This is so sad. The entire nation should and doesn’t mourn the loss of any and all of our Children and young people.

  23. Karen Gomberg permalink

    i am so sorry that this terrible tragedy has taken place. I pray that Everette Howard’s death will not be in vain, that we will find a peaceful way to resolve the terrible dilemma we are in. I stand with Dr. King, Ghandi, Thoreau, and so many others for a peaceful, non-violent struuggle to find the way forward

  24. Even in this day and age the plague of bigotry claims an innocent life. Here is hoping the family of this youngblood will get justice in his name.

    • Wat+1 permalink

      Why is it on this website (BLACKCOLLEGESTUDENTS) lay their claim to the act being one of bigotry and racism? Wait until the investigation is done, until the final pages close, then base your assumption on whatever facts you can gather, it shouldn’t be too hard. White people die all the time as well from taser incidents, it can be from a LOT of things, not just “BIGOTRY”. Move the fuck on and get your shit together.

  25. Angel permalink

    Nobody kills black men like black men. Nobody kills black men like black men. Nobody kills black men like black men. If all the white people stop killing black men, the number one cause of death for black men would still be murder because nobody kills black men like black men. And black people accept it.

    • Wat+1 permalink

      That is true, statistically speaking.. but you’ll still find ways for people to blame whitey for all of their problems. Paranoia baby!

  26. Bamikola permalink

    Quote:- |”My thoughts also go to the other side of the equation, particularly when I read about Mr. Howard’s past. Howard was also struck by an officer’s taser in a separate incident back in 2010. In both cases, officers claimed that the young man didn’t appear to be in his right mind. In fact, in the first incident, the officer said that Howard jumped from his chair and growled at police before being brought down.
    We have to accept the possibility that Howard may have done something to lead to an aggressive response by police officers. It’s not normal for any 18-year old to have been tased twice in two separate incidents.”|.
    UNQUOTE:- BLAME NOT THE VICTIM WHO IS NO MORE TO DEFEND HIMSELF OR GIVE A STATEMENT. It a matter of observation that, One does not often need to have a “PAST” record before the Police stops any Blackperson on the Hi-Way in separate incidents in a given year. The police record on use of taser need to be investigated. Any police interaction with students on a University Campus with death resulting: is very inappropriate.

  27. Lady permalink

    What happened to never shoot a person unless they have a weapon?

  28. TTISBAC permalink

    Why aren’t we coming out by the thousands in protest ? If we can’t fight for a fine young man with promise, who will we fight for. We have turned into such wimps ! We allow the system to incarcerate our children , we allow the education system to go home without teaching our children to read. We have the highest unemployment rate of any race, and a Black President who has a full plate ! REALLY ! Please don’t get mad at me , I know we Shouldn’t Talk About The President ! But I’ll bet that you won’t have a problem criticizing Me .

  29. James Rhodes Rodgers, MSN, RN permalink

    I think this young man did something that he should not have done for him to get tassered. As a black man in Mississippi, I did fell this type of racism on an all white Christain college campus. I also received some injustices from blacks. Many blacks feel that only in the South and Mississippi in particular demonstrated racism, Well I think it is everywhere in America. What I would like to see is equal justice. Justice that is color blind when it comes to black on black crime as well as white on black crime if this is the case in this situation. Remember black men, we can not do some of the things that a black woman or whites do without consequences. Slavery and hangings in my history books taught me this along with my father. I am still puzzzled as to why young black men kill each other when slavery, Jim Crow and segregation did enough to the black man. My heart and prayers go out to both families as they carry and endure this tradgey for a long, long time.

    JR in Stonewall

    • Cherri permalink

      Why do you think Mr. Howard did something? We are hearing two sides. The witnesses states he was breaking up a fight. Nothing else. The white B***** tells he growled? witnesses is more than one. white B****** one. Watch the system go with the story of the white B*****. It has and still is happening all the time. Our Blacks are ALWAYS in the wrong???? Come on now!!! It does NOT take a genius to figure this out. It is as plain a day has light. What happened to those involved in the fight??? Why wasn”t they tased regardless of their race??? Racism is everywhere, not just in the south and MS. Until we as Blacks do not stand for something we will definitely continue to fall for everything. This is a mass situation and the Howard family need to join with other forces to make sure Mr. Howard murder is not in vain!!! Blacks kill Blacks because of the drugs they sell for the whites, the monies they think is theirs and not thinking they are still working for the whites (slavery), and get addicted to make matters even worst to die off without the KKK doing it directly (just to name a few. jim crowe in another light but same enslaved mentality. These are reasons we NEED to Pray and Educate our own. Stay away from them to have a prosperous life/future.

  30. macy b permalink

    to wat1
    get your fucking ass off the site with your comments–i hope u have your day when some nasty pedophile white cop stick a screwdriver up your ass -like they did a young black male in chicago
    then stuck it in the glove compartment of the car –dumb ass cracker—didnt have the sense to throw the evidence away…because he got away with this kind of shit for so long—guess what for every black male who they kill and abuse—i give it right back to some white kid or old white person
    asian,or mexican, how u ask? you will never know..u piece of dog shit—oh and by the way i am
    white female

    • Cherri permalink

      Thank you so much macy b!!!! However you give it right back to them B******* are probably some of the many ways I do as well!!!!!! lol and lmao…And believe it they all have are racist against other groups because of the color of their skin will have their day and it will definitely NOT be a good one!!!!! I wish one would front me just one time……..It will be their last and I will go as far as KILL everybody that knew of the piece of dog S***!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Milo permalink

        What wonderful individuals you two are. Whenever some racist claims that Blacks are either violent or stupid, I point them to people like you to show how wrong they really are. From your reasoned, well thought-out arguments to your masterful command of the English language, I must say I am quite impressed.

      • Milo permalink

        Ah, on a second reading, I see that Macy is a white female. Just goes to show that our nation’s intellectual elite come in all colors!

    • Cherri permalink

      milo when you point one finger at me count the ones pointing back at you!!!!! Did you not learn that in school. Did you get an education???? you are the stupid B*TCH!!!!and everyone who have the tiny cell (1) of a brain to even respond to ME…Be CAREFUL!!!!!you are not on my LEVEL. Get an education, a job, a life and STOP depending on the government to take care of you… without a doubt you have to be low-class and TRASHY!!!!!!!lol and lmao

      • Milo permalink

        I agree with you; I am obviously not at your level with regard to either education or intellect. And, while I do not know your profession, I am guessing you are quite the high-powered executive. It just comes through in the way you write.

    • Cherri permalink

      Well thank you so much for agreesing that you are definitely NOT on my level!!!! And you will never know my profession, so you don’t have to guess. Just know it is NOT on welfare, or any other government assisted programs. I am not knocking them because some people need them. So PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO ME “NEVER” AGAIN. I DO NOT WANT TO LOWER MY STANDARDS WITH SUCH ANY LONGER!!!!IF you do then I know without a doubt what you are……….lmao and vl

      • Milo permalink

        Do you ever read what you write before posting it?

  31. If you don’t know your rights…You don’t have any! Prepaid Legal has one of the best program in the country against racial profiling, it’s called Legal Shield 24/7 you’re able to talk with your attorney if you feel you’re being profiled!……Most Law Enforcement know about this program. My classmates which are 80% to 90% law enforcement has this membership. I hope the help someone.

  32. D WEST permalink


    • Cherri permalink

      I can’t agree with you MORE!!! It is definitely a time for our Black men and women to stand up to MAKE this change… We need to stop allowing these whites to get away with taking our Black brothers away from us. If we don’t then who else is going to do it??? They took our people from us while they were covered under white sheets and their eyes cut so they could see us but we could not recognize them. Now they are doing it to us in the blue uniforms which is written on their patrol cars “to protect and serve.” They only protect their own!!!! And that is exactly what we must start doing. The time is now!!! WE need to stop putting off tomorrow for we should have done many years ago….

      • Milo permalink

        So are we talking riot here, or what?

      • You have got to be the most ignorant scank ever…you nigger home boys are the ones raping and pillaging our society….look at the gangs bitch,you see any white guys killing for the thrill of it…what we need to do is stop you sluts from having so many babies,by so many different fathers..ya’ll should be neutered and spayed at birth from this day forward. we white people need to grab a couple of these hillbilly homies,take them out to the desert,strip them naked,secre them to the ground,pour honey,and dump a thousand red ants on their sorry asses,and sit back and watch the fun…i would love to have a cunt like you come to my turf and give me the pleasure of beating your face to a bloody can’t because your eight months pregnant with you sight kid fathered by some nigger you don’t even know…eat my ass bitch

  33. BARB permalink


  34. @milo:

    I have been noticing on various websites for the past week people like you who are subtly suggesting race riots. I get the distinct impression you would be very happy if the riots would occur. You are the spawn of the devil.

    • Milo permalink

      I don’t know *anyone* who would like to see riots occur; take a look at the damage that is happening in London to see the terrible effects of it. But let’s look at some of the comments on this board:

      “Lol HELL when we go the F*** off on you B******* and KILL you ALL off”
      “Fight back by any means necessary!!!”

      I wish more people here had quotes like this one:

      “The greatest weapon we can give them is education not miseducation but education of the kind that would provoke them to think more and act less at particular times”

      The reason why many have talked about the possibility of riots is that there is always the threat of riots when certain Blacks get upset.

    • your rught om time…if there is a race riot,it will be a reason to go out and shoot gang bangers and their homies that wear their pants below there ass. perfect target..the nigger breed spreads nothing but hate and destruction …..remember the beat whitey nights,and the niggers that beat,raped,sodomized,tortured and killed ChrisChannon and Christopher Newsome……where was the media on that one? all they care about is six niggers in Jena that got thier feelings hurt

  35. D4H permalink

    I’m not getting it twisted. You are correct that there are n***** in every ethnic group. However, I was speaking of the way caucasian people see us.

  36. Milo permalink

    I don’t know *anyone* who would like to see riots occur; take a look at the damage that is happening in London to see the terrible effects of it. But let’s look at some of the comments on this board:

    “Lol HELL when we go the F*** off on you B******* and KILL you ALL off”

    “Fight back by any means necessary!!!”

    “That is the tragedy on top of the tragedy and its got to stop. If it does not, a greater conflict is inevitable. It’s just a matter of time”

    “we Blacks need to start and finish the worst war this D*** country will ever see here on earth”

    “I’ll just end with a quote from the greatest rapper to have lived and will ever live “Just think if niggaz decide to retaliate”? ”

    “guess what for every black male who they kill and abuse—i give it right back to some white kid or old white person asian,or mexican”

    “I wish one would front me just one time……..It will be their last and I will go as far as KILL everybody”

    I wish more people had quotes like this one:

    “The greatest weapon we can give them is education not miseducation but education of the kind that would provoke them to think more and act less at particular times”

    •’s niggers like you that makes miss slavery..i imagime you picking cotton,singing negro songs and waiting for the night when you seek out that 9 year girl and rape her smelling and grunting like a fucking gorilla. the white race rule and alaways have…how many men and women in successful jobs are white,(oh,you can’t count that high)then look how many niggers are in prison,,you’ve probably benn there a couple times yourself…how did that big black dick feel in you ass… people do not have the mental capacity to educate yourselves..we roll you through high scool so we don’t have to bear you or the race card…come on you cum catching maggot…bring it on

  37. cmiseagle1013 permalink

    I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. This city is a very predudice town and the cops get away with murder. Many times blacks can just be driving down the street and gets stop by the cops for no reason at all. Its the only place in the states where you wont find a lot of diversity. There are still a lot of segregated neighborhoods who just wont rent to blacks and blacks are tired of trying to fight back because they gets no where. I have experience discrimination on the jobs , looking for residence rental, and just by living there period. Its been a Republican state for years until Obama. You do have soo many KKK and skin heads there and they are working in police uniforms, behind the desk and controlling the job force. I am no longer living there now I moved to Seattle and I love it. Oh yeah, you will find prejudice everywhere but I have found out that states like Washington is more diverse. I miss my family but I will never miss this racist town. Its definetely a red neck city who controls it all.

  38. Haqq permalink

    Authobilahi Menishaytan Nerajeem… Dear Writer, I’m appaulled that you would even suggest that this young man did something wrong without an investigation! Firstly, one need not do anything but be Black in America for a wrong to occur at the hands of Authority! ARe you Kidding me, that an intellectual would actually make an excuse for the behavior!

    The first thing they should have done was seperate the parties and ask questions… He need not be the agressor, they could have been the agressors and misused their authory over him. My son had a security guard at out local grocery store challenge him and tell him he would physically assault him just because my son asked him “Why are you following me?” He was wearing his letterman’s jacket with all of his decals and his Private All Boys Catholic High School was behind the store in our neighborhood where we lived for over 10yrs!

    I agree that you don’t want to insight the people to behave emotionally, but in doing that, don’t attack the victim or his legacy… By All accounts the people who knew him speak highly of him. Just being a leader in some environments make you a target… I am the mother of a 22 year old Black Male who recently graduated from College and the same thing happened to him in HS. I was just there to protect him from the Police, Alhamdulilaah. I was actually on campus and they tried to say he insighted a fight when all of the students, Black/White said the contrary… So don’t even try to sell me that Bullish!

    It happens, my son was an Honor/AP Student, and was called a Nigger by a white freshman when he was a Senior, the administration tried to blow it off and say he was just talking jive like the kids do to each other… So again, don’t give these officers an excuse, allow an investigation to take place then, we form an oppinion based on facts, not emotions…

    Secondly, Black Boys/Men have been under attack in this Society for as long as any of us can remember… There are plenty of statistics to support my statements from being shuffled into Special Education classes, to being forced drugged by Doctors in the Psychiatric Wards, across America… flooding our communities with Street Drugs, Liquor Stores, Strip Clubs, and lies about who we are in the HISTORY books… And the ultimate betrayal is the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX… The first time in the History of the Christopher Commission Congress did not follow the advice which was to change the Crack vs Cocaine Laws… They reported that Cocaine was actually more potent than Crack and suggested that Congress repeal the mandatory minimum laws… So please don’t try to rock us to sleep again!

    I’m so angry that I can’t even leave this computer because I have so much to say to you! I respectfully complete my thoughts… May God give you peace and truth in your words, Ameen!

    • Milo permalink

      ” I’m appaulled that you would even suggest that this young man did something wrong without an investigation”

      Are you “appaulled” that plenty of people here are suggesting that the cop did something wrong without an investigation?

      • you know,the only think that the cops did wrong in recent years is that they fired 50 shots at a group of niggers and only killed sean bell…what a waste of good ammo…they need to go back to therange

  39. Yoo niggas…my shirt is 100% cotten and your grandpappy picked it LOL

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