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Dr. Boyce Watkins’ Articles on MSNBC’s

by on May 8, 2010

Consider this before crying "racial profiling"
America’s retirement crisis: The perfect economic storm
Obama’s financial regulatory reform risky but necessary
Obama’s not good enough on black unemployment
Michael’s $500m debt: lessons we can all learn
BET brainwashing our kids
Dumb kids create a bad economy
What Obama needs to do in Africa
Lessons from Sonia and Barack
Obama champions the middle class and his Harvard pal
Raising the minimum wage helps, doesn’t hurt
Is racism fueling the ‘birther movement’?
The most racially charged stories of 2009
Holder should stop patronizing black dads for political points
NCAA’s educational mission is great scam of 21st century
Tiger Woods’ rep slips from Obama to OJ
4 reasons Obama is losing the popularity contest
3 ways to find financial freedom as unemployment rate rises
Setting the record straight with Heather Ellis
Where is the outrage and action for Heather Ellis?
Cleveland murders are a product of our own values
Ownership is key to unlocking true freedom
Why we will march for Heather Ellis
Megan Williams’ story is simply unbelievable
Heather Ellis’ story tells us why the justice system is broken
What you can learn from Dr. King’s family squabble
Blacks will fall in line with Obama on Afghanistan
Why Nike will just do it and sign Michael Vick
Can Ebony survive? 5 questions for black media in the digital age
A whole bunch of G-20 racket, but is anybody listening?
Race is Obama’s Catch-22
U of Michigan’s "optional" practices highlight need for reform
Stop hating on black female athletes
Race was never a factor in track star’s gender query
It’s clutch time and Obama needs to be like Mike
Teddy was a lion for civil rights
Cocktail of unethical behavior and incompetence killed MJ
Felix the Cat flap signals era of racial paranoia
The return of the prodigal quarterback
NCAA treating black athletes like second-class citizens
What we’re dying to see in Obama’s healthcare plan
When it comes to race, we could all use a drink
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