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Your Black News: Bow Wow Not So Lil No More

by on August 15, 2008

Two more albums and Bow Wow says he’s ready to call it a night. The onetime teen titan says he’s retiring from the rap game — maybe as early as the age of 22.

“I wanna be the next Will Smith,” the 21-year-old recently said, restating his growing passion for acting while sitting poolside at L.A.’s Le Montrose Suite Hotel. “After the eighth album, I’m done. I already feel it. I love acting. I love my music like I said, but I feel it. After this one, probably one more in me and that’s eight. Like, I’m one [album] behind Nas, and that’s crazy.”

LP number seven comes out later this year. It’s called The Pedigree, and he won’t be hiding his potty mouth.

“It’s funny because everybody always wants to talk about, you know, ‘Bow Wow doesn’t curse. He’s clean,’ which is true,” he explained. “I think a lot of people that are jumping on Bow Wow now are new people, and if you listen to my first album, I was being bad on my first album. Being that that’s the first album, a lot of people probably didn’t catch on then. But I was already saying words at 13 that I probably shouldn’t be saying. If you go back and listen to my first album, every song is bleeped out. You’ll notice words that are being bleeped out. Now it’s really nothing, and I’m looking at y’all like, ‘What’s the big fuss about?’ Like I said, that’s just me being me. I’m not saying that my album is profane. I still gotta remember about the little kids.

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