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Black Bloggers: Cuil v Google? Cuil Doesn’t Work!

by on July 28, 2008

OK, I am reading the news today and I see this “cool” (get it?) new search engine called Cuil (pronounced “cool”).  It is headed by some super duper brainiacs who used to work at Google.  I wasn’t immediately impressed, since I figure that a new search engine comes out every week.  But after reading the credentials of the authors and hearing that their new platform can index 3 times more pages than Google, I thought, “Maybe it’s time to reconsider our relationship”.

So, like that recent divorcee on a first date, I search for  Also, like most other egomaniacs, I google (I mean search for) my own name.  What do I get?  Nothing……

Maybe there is something wrong.  It CAN’T be the case that they are getting national media when their engine isn’t even working!  After all, the google addicts of the world are nervous about risking their old tried and true relationship.  So, I try again…..Nothing.

Third try? Same old error page.

Wow.  This wasn’t the cool way I thought I would end my day.

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