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Black College Students: Barack Obama Gets Tough Love from a Black Woman

by on July 14, 2008

Since Senator Barack Obama is so determined to give tough love to black people, there are some black people who would like to give some tough love to Senator Barack Obama.  If he can dish it out, one would hope that he can also take it.

1) Please stop denouncing black people every month.  John McCain has had affairs, dirty pastors, flip flopped and done all kinds of dirt.  The Clintons had more baggage than American Airlines.  Yet, you are the only candidate who is going out of his way to denounce black people and those associated with us: Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pflager, Jesse Jackson, your church of the past 20 years, and now even Bernie Mac. If others aren’t denouncing anyone, then neither should you.

2) Stop flip flopping.  A man can’t lecture black men about commitment when you’ve flip flopped more than a hooked fish on several key issues.  You sold the world on hope and change, and now you have the world only hoping you don’t change again.  Please set a good example and be consistent.

3) If you speak on race, please do so fairly and balanced.  There has not been any other speech you’ve given in which you’ve attacked other groups for their behavior, except of course, black men.  We are still waiting for you to give a similar speech to another group, unless, of course, you feel that black people are the only ones who have issues.

Senator Obama, those of us voting for you are looking for evidence that you won’t fool us like Clarence Thomas.  I am still waiting for the evidence that you will be a responsible citizen and keep your commitments.   Thus far, I’ve seen very little.


Angela Wilson-Smith

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